Destroy Rankin (2009)

‘Destroy Rankin (2009) features over 70 celebrated recording artists who have ‘destroyed’ Rankin’s iconic photographs of themselves to create new pieces of artwork in support of Youth Music – the UK’s leading music charity for young people. Musicians and contributors include Jarvis Cocker, Ian Brown, Florence & The Machine, Kylie Minogue, Debbie Harry, Douglas Gordon and Damien Hirst.’

Edited by Rod Stanley, designed by Big Active

Exclusive interviews with: Rankin & Damien Hirst, Mike Figgis & Marianne Faithfull, Jarvis Cocker & Peter Saville, Jefferson Hack & Michael Stipe, Beth Ditto & Miranda Sawyer. Foreword by Fred Deakin.

Obviously, iconography has always been important to the music industry… Music imagery is becoming more and more about manufacturing fame, which to my mind makes Destroy hugely relevant and significant. The musicians are collaborating with me by doing whatever they like to my pictures of them, and Destroy empowers them to comment on their image, industry and the wider ideas of fame.” – Rankin




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